sheff tomThis press release is from the Massachusetts Independent Party…

The Massachusetts Independent Party is pleased to announce that former candidate for Governor’s Council in District 3, Tom Sheff, has been hired to be their first PR officer.
“We are so glad to have Tom aboard with us,” said John Valianti, chairman of the newly formed independent party.  “We watched Tom run for office and was impressed with his transparency and his ability to communicate his positions with news sources and supporters,” Valianti continued.
“I am really thrilled to be part of the Massachusetts Independent Party.  I feel like I found a political home where I’m accepted and I really want to help out,” says Sheff.
The newly formed Massachusetts Independent Party believes that the more people who participate in our democratic form of government, the stronger we make our state.  More people participate in elections when they are given more choices, more candidates, more ideas, more honest opinions and more voices.  For more information see www.massindependentparty.com


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