LearyAlison Leary has announced that she will run for the Ward 1 Alderman seat presently held by Alderman President Scott Lennon (Lennon has said he will run in the June special election to fill the Ward 1 At Large seat, now vacant following the death of Alderman Carlton Merrill.)
Former Alderman Allan Ciccone Sr., son of current Alderman “Jay” Ciccone has also said he will run for this seat.

Here’s her announcement.


Newton, MA—Newton resident Alison Leary announces her candidacy today for Ward 1 Alderman. She is running to succeed Board President Scott Lennon who has stated that he will run for Ward 1 Alderman-at-Large in the upcoming special election.

“Though I have been impressed with the direction the City has been moving under the Warren Administration, I have some concerns about the high cost of living in Newton undermining the diversity and stability of residents of more modest means,” said Leary.

“We must ensure that all city residents continue to have access to top-notch public education. Our schools are the lifeblood of our community and inexorably intertwined with our economic health. Also open space, affordable housing and public safety are important issues that I would pursue as an Alderman from Ward 1.”

“My active involvement in Newton civic life has shown me that a committed group of individuals can have a tremendous positive impact on our city” said Leary. “I look forward to talking with Ward 1 residents over the next several months about the future of our city.”
Among the questions Alison Leary will be asking her Ward 1 neighbors:

How can we be a brighter, more vibrant community?
How can we stimulate local business and sensible development?
How can we support our schools and our seniors?
How can live more efficiently and sustainably?

Leary is a dedicated environmentalist and community leader. She currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Sierra Club. She also co-chairs the Environmental Committee for the League of Women Voters Newton and serves on the
oard of directors of the Newton Conservators.

Professionally Alison has worked as an educator with the Massachusetts Audubon Society, as a case manager for a leading mental health and human services provider, and currently works part time for The Boston Globe as a digital products support specialist.

Alison Leary lives on Chapel Street with her husband Peter Mooradian. She has two young children attending Lincoln-Eliot Elementary School.

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