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WiltshireRd030613Think your street’s been losing trees? This is Wiltshire Road looking east, on the Nonantum side of the Newton Corner zip code. I happened to be there this morning because that tree in the middle there, a 23” Norway maple, is one of the trees added since last fall to the removal list. (The backlog is vastly diminished now that the tree crew is up and running, but new trees get added to the list, at a rate on the order of 500/year.)

Since I’ve been tweeting a tree a day from the removal list, I seen a lot of sad looking trees, quite a few bare stretches, and not infrequently, three or more removals on a block or street, but I think this is the most barren stretch I’ve seen, and if you mentally erase that tree in the middle, it’ll be even worse. There are trees up the hill behind me to the west, most of which have broken limbs in need of pruning. These are small front yards, so there’s not a lot of room for off-berm trees. And the absence of shade over the pavement in summer creates a “heat island” effect. Not only will it feel hotter during the daytime; it will feel hotter at night as the asphalt which has been absorbing heat all day, gives it off at night. And there’s a lot less rain being absorbed than if trees were still there. I don’t think any street in Newton should have to look like this.

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