As I’ve written before, I’m surprised that the anti-override campaign Moving Newton Forward hasn’t focused like a laser on the uncertainty surrounding the two debt exclusion ballot questions earmarked to renovate or rebuild Angier and Cabot Schools.

Deirdre Fernandes explored this issue in yesterday’s Globe, noting that “Angier’s feasibility study is not expected to be complete until June” while “the Cabot and Zervas school projects are still early in the planning stages.”  Then Fernandes adds…

Communities that obtain funds from the Massachusetts School Building Authority typically complete feasibility studies as part of the approval process, and the plans are developed before voters are asked to approve a tax increase to cover the local share. That’s how Lexington and Franklin did it last year.

“You don’t know what you’re doing until you get that done,” Lexington School Committee chairwoman Margaret Coppe said about the feasibility study. And even after the study, the cost to build Lexington’s elementary school still rose past the estimate.

Nonetheless, Matt Donovan, spokesman for the state’s School Building Authority, says the agency is satisfied with Mayor Setti Warren’s approach..

“Newton is doing what’s right for Newton,” Donovan said about the override.

Are you confident voting for Questions 2 and 3 in two weeks without knowing  Angier’s and Cabot’s true cost?

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