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Nice job by the TAB this week asking our aldermen  what they believe is the right number of aldermen for Newton.

Their answers ranged from the very specific to the very vague. Oh and then there were those who never responded or ducked the question all together.
It’s worth reading but here’s my Cliff Notes summary of their positions:
    • Likes the status quo: Ciccone Jr. , Albright, Yates, Fischman
    • Likes the status quo and a chance to promote his TV show: Baker
    • Likes the status quo but left wiggle room in case he runs for mayor: Lennon
    • Wants a smaller board and know what size it should be: Hess-Mahan (12), Rice (16).
    • Wants a smaller board but don’t know/won’t say what they want: Johnson, Crossley, Lappin
    • Wants to leave it to ‘the people’ to decide: Linsky, Blazer
    • Was for it before being against it but still may be for it: Harney
    • Still wants to be mayor: Sangiolo
    • Gave a fuzzy/wussy answer: Schwartz, Loredo, Fuller, Kalis
    • Too wussy to answer the question: Swiston, Danberg
    • Don’t read email and/or were out of town: Salvucci, Gentile
    • Not actually aldermen yet/anymore but still got their picture in the paper: Steele, Ciccone Sr, Lipof
    • Busy serving veterans in heaven: Merrill