Gail Spector nails it in a TAB column today about the proposal to skip a required special election to fill the seat left vacant by the late Carleton Merrill.

Read the whole thing, but here’s two poignant excerpts.

Nobody at City Hall has the right to decide for me or the other 55,000 registered voters in this city that we’re “tired of elections.” New Yorkers voted after Sept. 11; New Jersey and Connecticut residents voted after Hurricane Sandy. Surely both of those elections were more difficult to hold than a vote that piggybacks an already-scheduled special election.

If the aldermen believe a law is outdated, they should change it. But it is not the job of our elected or appointed officials to decide that democracy is too inconvenient or expensive or cumbersome for the electorate. Ignoring the rules and spot-zoning elections will only undermine public confidence at a time when Mayor Warren had finally restored it.