lincoln street 2013 stormThis is a photo of Lincoln Street taken at about 1 p.m. on Sunday. But it could have been taken in many places in Newton today. Our streets are narrow — certainly too narrow for on street parking in most places (even though I saw a lot of people doing so this morning). Private and municipal lots have many fewer spaces due to giant mountains of snow. Sidewalks remain unclear, poorly cleared, ridiculously narrow, or blocked. Pedestrians are walking in the street — and not even looking up at the cars zipping by.  People are shoveling snow onto our streets. Big clumps of snow are falling from the roofs of uncleared cars.  It’s impossible to see around corners when you drive. And the Green Line isn’t running.

While we were all aware of the dangers of being out in the middle of the blizzard, being careful, taking your time and taking a few deep breaths, is just as important now.

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