Newton Highlands resident Suzanne Rourke Szescila says she is working with “a bunch of Newton residents” on organizing an opposition campaign to Mayor Setti Warren’s proposed tax overrides.

Szescila was elected to the Newton Republican City Committee in 2011 and according to her LinkIn page was a volunteer for Sean Bielat, the two-time GOP candidate for Congress. She is also a part-time instructor with Newton Community Education and a director with the Newton 9-11 Committee.

Szescila — who wrote a letter to the TAB in opposition to the override in December — announced the formation of the new group Sunday in this Village 14 blog comment.  Here’s a excerpt…

Yes, there is opposition! The first citywide meeting of Moving Newton Forward, which urges three NO votes on the three override proposals, will occur Wednesday, February 6th, at 7 pm at the Post 440 at 295 California Street. Our goal is to demonstrate that Newton has plenty of money, while we protect Newton’s most common good—household income.

After posting her comment, I sent Szescila an email asking if she would tell me more about who is in the group or if they had website, Facebook page or press release.  Here’s her reply…

Dear Greg,

We are just a bunch of Newton residents. Nothing special. We’re set for promotion right now, but thank you so much for your kind offer.


Prior to word of this group, there had been no known organized opposition to the three overrides, estimated at $11.4 million, which goes before voters on March 12.  It’s not clear how serious this group’s efforts will be, although another Village 14 blog comment indicates that they also have “a research director


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