It’s rare these days to see our aldermen publicly stand up to our mayor.  But last night Aldermen  Ted Hess-Mahan, Vicki Danberg, Amy Sangiolo, Greg Schwartz, Marcia Johnson and Deb Crossley voted against approving the ten individuals Mayor Warren and an aldermen subcommittee selected for the police chief search committee.

Those objecting said there weren’t  enough women on “a committee charged with finding a new police chief after the previous one was fired for making inappropriate and offensive comments to female employees,” Chloe Gotsis reported today on WickedLocal.

Attorney Laura Holt and Seanna Gaherin of Dunn-Gaherin’s are the only two women on the committee.

How important do you think gender diversity is in selecting our next chief?  Or might last night’s “no” votes also (or really) be about wanting a committee that’s willing to look outside of the Newton Police Department for candidates?




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