Margie Arons-Barron has a thoughtful piece on her blog  this week (it also appears in the TAB) about the three proposed overrides that will go before Newton voters this March.

In particular, she raises the question about whether seniors and other non-school families will and should support the tax increases and what, if anything they gain from it. Here’s two excerpts..

I would submit that even those of us who no longer use the schools benefit from a high quality education. Just look at how well the city’s real estate market survived the recent Great Recession…..

….But even when my sister and I were no longer in the system, my father would say, “We moved to Newton for quality schools. I see my responsibility as leaving the schools in at least the same condition as we found them.”

What, if anything are you hearing from seniors and your non-school family neighbors (or do you fall into that category)?