The Globe’s Deirdre Fernandes has the latest details on the plans by the owners of the Rox Diner to open a restaurant at the former Bakers’ Best location in Newton Highlands (a story we first told you about on Village 14 on Dec. 11).

A few highlights..

Unlike the pair’s other restaurants in West Roxbury and Newtonville, Rox Café will have a bar area and market section, where customers can buy takeout food, in addition to its restaurant seating. The menu will be narrower but also more experimental,  [co-onwer John] Fortin said.

Rox Café will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but “with a little more finesse,” Fortin said.

and this..

Since Rox Café will initially retain the same seating area as Bakers’ Best, the restaurant won’t have to conduct parking studies or apply for special permits before opening.