Wicked Local Newton has a story this week about Lam’s Restaurant closing this Saturday, Dec. 15 after 12 years in Newtonville

There’s also this email circulating among Lam’s customers…

Many of us have eaten at Lam’s Restaurant on Washington St in Newtonville over the years, and enjoyed their freshly cooked, delicious Thai food and their sweet, accommodating energy.  For those of us who live close by, Lam’s has been a favorite neighborhood drop-in eatery for the past 12 years and we are extremely upset that they are closing.  The latest rent increase has made it impossible for them to remain open, and Saturday, Dec. 15 is the last night that Lam’s will exist.

We are hoping to fill Lam’s that evening and will be at least be bringing him flowers. As word has spread, they have been busy all week.  Kevin Lam didn’t realize how important his place has been to so many people and is quite moved by the responses he has received.  Many of us will be there Saturday evening, so if you can join us for our farewell meal there, please do, at whatever time works for you.  If you can’t come then and you can get there this week, that would also be lovely.

Lam’s has been our favorite neighborhood spot and will be very sorely missed

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