Newton Patch has this story about Building Newton’s Future.

This is from Building Newton’s Future’s press release

Building Newton’s Future is a grassroots organization co-chaired by Newton residents Emily Prenner and Marcia Tabenken, and honorary co-chairs Dan Fahey and Rob Gifford.   It was formed in response to Mayor Setti Warren’s Oct. 15 proposal to the Board of Aldermen to raise $11.4 million in additional tax revenue to address critical city needs.  Once the aldermen approve the override request, Newton voters will be able to weigh in on the override on March 12, 2013.

Folks who recall Newton’s last override attempt in 2008 will recall that Fahey was one of the co-founders of the anti-override committee last time.  Fahey’s cochair, Jeff Seideman, told me last night that he’s supporting the override this time as well.



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