Updated: Treasurer Grossman responds in the comments. What do you think?

My letter to State Treasurer Steve Grossman, Chairman of the Massachussets School Building Authority regarding the MSBA requirement that we have separate override questions for each of the three school buildings covered by Mayor Warren’s override proposal:

We have just learned that the MSBA is requiring Newton to have separate overrides to request funding for three desperately needed school projects. Why?

It strikes me as a burden that causes problems for cities, such as Newton. We have more schools, therefore more potential school building projects the might require override funding. And, with a larger population, we have a greater likelihood of split outcomes … or worse, no results on all projects.

There doesn’t seem to be much purpose served. Proposition 2-1/2 is already a burden on maintaining and renovating our school buildings. What possible policy objectives are served by adding additional burdens on top of Prop. 2-1/2?

Thank you.

I’ll share his response if I get one.

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