In comments to an earlier post on the Khan v. Swiston race, Aldercritter Ted cited Greer’s opposition to the Comprehensive Permit Act (aka 40B) as a reason he’s supporting Kay. From her website, here’s Greer’s position on housing:

The Comprehensive Permit Act: Chapter 40B was passed with the intent to provide much needed affordable housing, bypassing local zoning laws if necessary. However, the implementation of the law, as currently written, has resulted in turning it into a weapon ultimately creating resource burdens on communities without truly serving those in need and making community adversaries of our much needed developers.

Smart integrated development is at the heart of a thriving community. We should not have to be in conflict with those that are helping our community to survive and grow.

Greer will adress the inequities of the Comprehensive Permit Act and look to make changes that would address the real affordable housing situation that Newton and other communities have in a way that works better for the communities and the residents in need.

Citizens of V14, what do you think? Greer, what specific changes to 40B do you propose? Kay, what’s your position on 40B and affordable housing?

Correct answer here.

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