According to the TAB’s initial report*, “A 14-year-old male student riding a bicycle to school was hit by a car.” Not to pick on the departing Ms. Studley, but isn’t there a driver involved? Someone struck a schoolboy with his or her car. There’s no way to know who is at fault without more information, but it’s wrong to ignore that there is another person with possible agency. There was someone behind the wheel of a potentially deadly instrument who failed, this morning, to avoid hitting a child.

As noted safe streets advocate Aaron Naparstek wrote, how we talk about automobile violence matters. Don’t ignore the driver.

Why am I writing about the reporting and not the incident? That would be a good question. At this time, with what we know, I don’t have much to say about this particular incident. It’s a damn shame that a kid got injured. It’s good that the injuries appear minor. I’m sure I’ll have more to say later. And, this post has brought the incident to your attention.

But, this journalist tick of ignoring the driver is a pet peeve of mine.

* No doubt, there will be a more detailed follow-up.