Maybe most folks are on vacation. Maybe everyone else is staying inside and watching the Olympics. Perhaps it’s because the TAB didn’t publish a word about it in Wednesday’s paper.  Or perhaps everyone but me is riding in the Pan Mass Challenge this weekend.

But I’ve been surprised that there seems to be such a muted response to the algae bloom that closed Crystal Lake Monday, perhaps for the remainder of the swim season.

I’m surprised there’s been so little outcry, angst, discussion, expressions of concern, people asking a lot of questions, demands for public meetings and,  hey, even the usual conspiracy theories, regarding something that seem pretty significant in a place we call the Garden City.

And need I remind you, we live in a community that loves to have opinions — and complain — about just about everything?

Am I just missing it? Or have we as a society becoming so accustomed to the fact that we’ve been destroying our environment — flooding, droughts, tornadoes in our state, nor’easters before Halloween, micro bursts that tear apart neighborhoods, and so on — that we just shrug when we’re told that our pets, not mention our children,  shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy one Newton’s most cherished natural resources?



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