If you haven’t read it yet, check out Globe’s David Filipov story about   Newton resident Israel ‘Izzy” Arbeiter’s return to Auschwitz where Arbeiter was imprisoned, and to Treblinka, where his parents were murdered

Izzy remembers the soldiers shouting and ripping babies from the arms of mothers, tearing apart husbands and wives, dragging screaming children away from their parents. He remembers running over to the column where his mother and father were standing.

“I had never been separated from my parents,’’ he explains. “But my father realized what was happening.’’ Icchak Arbeiter sent his son back to the other column.

“He told me, ‘Children, go back over there, and if you survive, remember to carry on with Jewish life and Jewish tradition.’ And those were the last words I heard from my father before they took him – and everyone in his column – off to Treblinka.’’