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A Newton North High School senior has proposed a bill to allow access to Facebook on school computers to the Student Faculty Administration, the Newtonite reports.

In one of the bill’s sections Grigoli writes, “Facebook’s ‘newsfeed’ has become the newspaper of today’s youth.” Grigoli references the Kony 2012 campaign, saying that its growth was rapidly disseminated online and quickly became a viral video much as a result of its spread on Facebook.

More importantly, Grigoli wrote, is the fact that many students depend on Facebook for educational purposes, including sending messages and helping each other out through Facebook’s “inbox” and “groups” features.

Grigoli wrote that using Facebook makes communicating much easier than using email, because finding a fellow student on Facebook is much easier than finding his or her email address, and students often check Facebook more often than they check their email accounts.



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