Newton Mayor Setti Warren

The print editions of the Globe and the Herald have stories about Newton Mayor’s Setti Warren’s decision to include an increase in his salary into his fiscal 2013 budget.  I just heard about it on WBUR and no doubt talk radio and Fox 25 will be foaming at the mouth about it today. (It won’t be the first time…or even the second or third time).

The Globe and the Herald both provide some context but the part of the story that will be glossed over as the day goes on is the fact that Warren technically didn’t give himself a raise as much as he included the full mayor’s salary into the budget. (The increase was originally approved seven years ago by Newton aldermen following a recommendation by a special commission). Also sure to be glossed over is the fact that, under our system, only the mayor can add money to the budget. So if he didn’t do it, no one could.

Here’s a few tweets on the subject…

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