Great letter in the TAB by a homeowner complaining that the City of Newton hasn’t accommodated his request for a second water meter so that he can distinguish the water he uses for basic needs (bathing, eating, flushing) from the water he uses to keep his lawn unseasonably green.

Could not agree more. Every Newton home with a built-in irrigation system should get a second water meter. And the city should charge double triple for the water used outdoors.

The Newton homeowner writes:

Owning two homes in the city, my water bills would be reduced by approximately one half without the unfairly assessed sewerage charges for water that goes directly into the ground in the same state it came from the tap.

I’ll try to find out what what the sewerage charge is, but on first read, this seems like the homeowner uses at least twice the amount of water on his lawn as he does for the aforelisted basic needs. That’s nuts. That’s ecologically irresponsible.
Update: Using the link provided by Alderman Ted, if the homeowner were to cut his water bill in half if the sewerage charge were removed for water used keep his lawn green, he’s using 1.52 to 1.67 times as much water to water his lawn as he’s using for basic necessities. Sewarage is 60% of the water rate, at all rate levels.