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Last week, I received a robo call from Middlesex County Sheriff  (and former state representative)  Peter Koutoujian.  In the recording, Koutoujian notes that he’s now been in office for a year and directs us to a website to learn more about all the swell stuff he’s doing for us.

Knowing that Koutoujian is — shall we say — something of a self-promoter, I wasn’t that surprised that he might be laying the groundwork for his November campaign.

But then I revived the exact same robo call from Koutoujian again on Thursday.

And then again on Friday.

Robo calls are annoying. The exact same call three times from a guy months before the election is over-the-top.

To make matters worse, I just  listened to the call again and noticed that the URL Koutoujian directs us to in the recording is for the sheriff’s office, not his campaign site.

So is Koutoujian using taxpayer dollars to call me and tell me how fantastic he is three times in one week?  Or is he using campaign dollars to send us to his official taxpayer funded site?  I’m not sure which is worse, but I do wish he would stop.

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