At the suggestion of a kind reader, my presentation to the Zoning and Planning committee last week.

Some context… Free parking for office buidings is bad. It creates a hidden subsidy that encourages more driving. Remove free parking from the tenant’s rent and the cost of driving is more directly paid by the driver, which helps guide more socially responsible decisions.

The case against free parking is even stronger near transit as there’s an alternative to driving. And, free parking creates a benefit that flows only to drivers, not those who are able to and make the more responsible choice: to take transit.

The case against free office parking is even stronger at Riverside, where the development decisions are based on the MBTA’s need for revenue. For that, I commend your attention to the video.

A few questions answered:

  • Yes, I know I have a voice for blogging. (In my head, I have a rich baritone, not the adenoidal croak you hear.)
  • Yes, I know I talked too fast. I was on the clock. Marcia Johnson was running a tight meeting!

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