This is a utility box in Boston. Rather than a drab grey, it’s artistically painted. (Okay, this one’s painted in shades of drab grey. It’s the only example I saw on my ride to work. You get the point.)

The City of Newton is going to do something similar to drab grey utility boxes in a program cleverly called BoxART. The city is inviting artists to submit proposals. A select few will be unleashed to brighten utility boxes across the city. The full announcement from the mayor’s office after the jump.

Great program. We can’t have too much public art.

Free suggestion to any prospective participant: A single Fig Newton, rendered iconically against a one-color background.

Mayor’s Office Seeks Budding Artists
The Mayor’s Office for Cultural Affairs, Newton Community Pride (NewtonSERVES) and the Department of Public Works, Environmental Affairs Division are collaborating on a new pilot public art program called NewtonSERVES BoxART.
To aesthetically enhance village space for people who both live and work Newton, this program is calling on all Newton artists, amateur and experienced alike, to submit proposals for the painting of those drab, green utility boxes seen around the city. Between five and twelve artists will be chosen to paint the boxes between April 27 and May 12 as part of NewtonSERVES.
The NewtonSERVES BoxART Committee feels vibrant public art creates an inviting environment and a sense of place and will choose proposals that will help achieve these goals. Proposals should be imaginative, positive, colorful and create delight.
Selected artists will be recognized  in all media, on the Newton website, on the Newton Community Pride website, on all NewtonSERVES publicity materials and promotional material; artist names will also be on the artwork.
The Request for Proposals will be available on line at

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