The good folks over at the Globe apparently discovered late last week that — even though our mayor is no longer running for U.S. Senate — he’s, um, still ambitious.

How else can one explain the fact that Sunday’s print edition had not one, but two, articles today noting that Setti Warren is, well,  still ambitious.

One of the Warren stories, by political writer Glen Johnson, notes that “slowly but surely… Warren has begun to reemerge beyond the confines of the Garden City.”

The other article, by Deirdre Fernandez in Globe West is essentially a longer version of Johnson’s story. In addition to a denial from our mayor that he’s being anything more than trying help reelect President Obama, Fernandez trots out former Mayor David Cohen to establish that (are you sitting down?) Cohen didn’t travel much but Warren does.

Fernandez  also quotes John Stavros, owner of Bigelow Dry Cleaners in Newton Centre, who is disappointed that Warren doesn’t stop into chat — like former Mayor Ted Mann used to.

So now we know.


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