What the election means for Village14

Tip O’Neil famously said “all politics is local”, so while sitting here at this keyboard, that means Village14.

A side effect of the election, for both good and ill, is that it will change who posts here on Village14.

Longtime contributor Andreae Downs had to turn in her Village14 keys once she became a candidate for City Council.  Her election last night means that she won’t get them back for at least two more years.

Meanwhile we’re dropping off shiny new V14 keys to Julie Malakie and Gail Spector and look forward to having them back as regulars.

We hope to get a few more fresh voices in the mix too.

Until or unless we change the Village14 charter, there are no term limits for contributors.  So for better or worse you’ll continue to get new posts from the rest of us  regulars.  The one mystery as always is Sean Roche.  He has been prolific on Village14 coming up to election but we never know when he will suddenly disappear without a trace.

Thanks to all of you readers, commenters and thumb clickers for your passionate interest in all things Newton, big and small.  Now that the tempest of the election has passed and the sun’s coming out, feel free to suggest  topics for future posts via the Contact button.  For the candidates who did not make the bar this election, and any others who might be interested,  let us know if you might like to become a regular Village14 contributor.  We’ll probably be handing out some more shiny new keys soon.


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