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Tip O’Neill famously used to say “all politics are local.”  Sitting here at this keyboard, that means Village14.

Last night’s election will lead to a few changes here.  V14 regular Andreae Downs lost her keys to Village14 a while back when she announced her candidacy. It will be at least two years before we can hand them back.

Meanwhile we have shiny new keys waiting for Gail Spector and Julia Malakie and hope they’ll once again become regular contributors.

We’re always looking to add new and interesting voices so we hope some of the candidates who didn’t make it last night consider becoming regular contributors.  Likewise any of you regular readers/commenters who might to take a crack at it, please let us know via the Contact button above.

Now that the election is over, in the words of Randy Newman, it might be time to “open up the windows and let some air into this room” with some new voices in the mix.

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