Super Bowl politics: Does it feel different this year?

Super Bowl politics: Does it feel different this year?

Tom Mountain is extra giddy this year that the Pats are playing in the Superbowl, writing in a TAB column

News flash to all Democrats cheering on the Patriots for the Super Bowl, especially those husbands whose uber-feminist wives still let them watch this violent sport: Bob Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are all friends and supporters of President Trump. So as you’re cheering on Tom know that after the game he’ll return to his Chestnut Hill estate to gallivant about in his red “Make America Great Again” hat. That is, unless he and Bill opt to hang out with their pal Donald Trump first.

Gail Spector, on the other hand, won’t be watching but it has nothing to do with whether or not Brady will really be gallivanting about in his red “Make America Great Again” hat,” writing for WBUR’s Common Health blog

Here I am, in Patriot Nation, hoping that the Pats will flaunt another Super Bowl win in NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s face, but the league’s indifference to the health of its players is infuriating me. How can I support a business that’s uncompromising in its policies about pain relief while its employees develop devastating addictions?

Does the Trump/Brady/Belichick/Kraft connection, Gail’s concerns or any other factor change how you feel about this Sunday’s game?

In photo: Make America Great Hat in Tom Brady’s locker


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