This year’s batch of street pianos just hit the streets.  This (in photo) is the Upper Falls piano, outside Little Luke’s Cafe at the corner of Chestnut and Oaks Streets.

The City of Newton’s Cultural Development department launched the Artful Pianos again this year…with the help of sponsors Newton Community  Pride and M. Steinert & Sons. ”  

They’ve acquired a bunch of pianos, recruited local artists to paint them in unique designs, and delivered them to public places around the city.   The pianos will remain outside all summer with volunteers crews for each piano to take care of wrapping them and unwrapping them each day and when there is inclement weather.   In the coming days each of the pianos will also be tuned.

The public is welcome to sit down and play the pianos when every they like.

Big thanks to all involved for making this whimsical and fun project a reality again this year!