| Newton MA News and Politics BlogNewton’s WinterFest is this weekend.  The weather looks promising and it should be great fun.  Here are the details.

I was signed up months ago to provide life size puppets for the event.  We have three puppets ready to go.   These aren’t the massive puppets that we have sometimes had at other events.  Those huge ones require physical strength and are very unwieldly.  The puppets for this weekend are more like an elaborate costume.  They fit over your body and have giant heads that you wear as a mask.  So they are easily managed by nearly anyone.

Here’s the problem.  We’ve had a particularly nasty case of Covid in our house this week.  I’m now over the worst of it but still testing positive.  Meanwhile my wife is still in the throes of it.  Between all of this, there’s no way I can be a puppet wielder.  On top of that my other two volunteers have bailed too.

How would you like to save the day, have some fun, and entertain your community.  People always love to see these startling puppets so you’ll be appreciated by everyone you encounter.  Nobody will know who you are unless you tell them, so if you like, pretend you’re me and get me in to some trouble. 😉

It would be great fun for a family or group of friends to do together.  If you might consider becoming Newton’s WinterFest puppet master, for either Saturday evening, Sunday during the day, or both –  please contact me ASAP at [email protected] or 617-999-5300.  Thanks