All candidates running for contested seats in the upcoming election were invited to submit a post in support of their candidacy to Village14.  This is Alicia Bowman’s

| Newton MA News and Politics BlogMy name is Alicia Bowman and I am running for re-election as a Ward 6 At-Large City Councilor.  I ran for City Council in 2019 because we needed more councilors willing and able to lead on the increasingly complex issues facing Newton, especially housing, transportation and climate change. With an MBA, management consultant experience, and years as a community advocate in Newton working with city staff and elected officials, I knew I could provide that leadership. After two years on the Council, I have seen firsthand how important it is to have strong leadership skills to get things done in this very difficult role.

I have pushed for better development projects, created safer streets for all users, supported local businesses during COVID, and worked on climate action.

I am amplifying the voices of critical populations by regularly attending meetings with the Commission on Disability, Fair Housing Committee, Newton Housing Partnership, Safe Routes to School (an organization I co-founded 13 years ago), Transportation Advisory Group (which I have been a member since it began 10 years ago) and Bike Newton (where I was formerly the President and co-founder of the popular Tour de Newton).

I am running for re-election because I am just getting started and there is very important work ahead. My priorities for this coming term are:

Climate Change: We are already experiencing the climate crisis, including extreme weather events that will become more extreme and more frequent. Climate Change needs to be a key driver of all decisions. Increasing efforts to decrease GHG associated with buildings and transportation is key. This year President Albright appointed me as the City Council representative to the Climate Action Plan Implementation Group.

Village Centers: Our villages are a source of pride, provide important services and are an economic engine for Newton. But most villages are not living up to their potential. We should be enabling investments in buildings, public space, infrastructure, a better mix of businesses, and housing that supports seniors, young people and others and includes affordable housing. I am proud of the work I did during the pandemic to support our restaurants and to expand outdoor dining and improve those spaces with flowers. I joined Councilor Noel in building accessible platforms for some restaurants.

Transportation:  More than 25% of CO2 in Newton is from personal transportation. We have the opportunity to lay out a bold vision for transforming our car clogged streets to healthier streets, that make people safer and help Newton meet its goal to reduce vehicle miles traveled by supporting more walking, biking and use of transit. I have been a leader on important transformational projects like the re-imagining of Hammond Pond Parkway and Riverside Greenway including bringing back the carriage lane in Auburndale by Lyons Field, both of which will provide much need space for walking and biking. This coming year the city will be undertaking an important planning effort, creating a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.  This is the result of a budget resolution proposed by me and supported by all 24 councilors. It will establish standards for sidewalks and bike lanes, identify key projects and prioritize them.  This is a huge step forward in the effort to make Newton more walkable and bikeable and reduce driving, which is necessary to meet our climate goals.

As voters we need to elect LEADERS who share our priorities but also have the skills to move our city forward.  

As voters, it’s not enough for us to elect people who say they share our priorities and vision.  We also have to elect those with the skills and leadership to move our city in the right direction. 

I am a leader with a proven track record for making positive change and many years as a community advocate helping people solve problems. 

In my two years on the council, I have built strong relationships with my colleagues and city officials.  I am endorsed by

  • 25 current and former elected officials,
  • by the Sierra Club,
  • Newton Gun Violence Prevention Collaborative,
  • Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus,
  • Greater Boston Young Democrats,
  • Voters for a Vibrant Newton,
  • Engine 6, 

and many other community leaders because of my hard work and the ability to get things done.  I have the energy and experience for this job and will continue to do it well with your help.

I ask for your vote on or before November 2nd.