The final (unofficial) results are in for the preliminary election for Mayor of Newton

  • Albert Cecchinelli Jr    661  (6.2%)
  • Ruthanne Fuller         5926 (54.7%)
  • Amy Mah Sangiolo     4247  (39.2%)

Congratulations to Ruthanne Fuller and Amy Mah Sangiolo who will run against each other in November’s final election for Newton mayor.

Here’s the vote by ward.  Fuller won by a sizable margin (55% – %39%) and led in most wards of the city but there were striking differences in the vote across the city.   Clearly development is a big issue and clearly different neighborhoods of the city have very different views.

Sangiolo won handily or was in a dead heat in 10 of the city’s 32 wards.  Three of those wards (2-1. 3-1, 3-3) are along the Washington St corridor, one of them is by the Northland project (5-1) and one is by the Riverside project  (4-2).  Sangiolo also won in Nonantum (1-4) and also across her home Ward 4.  The vote clearly show that the two candidates do indeed represent  distinct constituencies with distinct views.