After ten weeks of the Newton Photo Scavenger Hunt, we have a winner!  Seventeen people identified one or more of the 50 objects that are odd or charming — and rather unique, rather permanent, and visible from publicly accessible property. Among these folks, the winner @Michael stands out, with 14 points, for his clever sleuthing and amazing walking energy (12-15 miles a day). @DaveBrigham came in second with 8 points, powered by his long-time research in this field for his blog, The Backside of America. @LisaP and @JohnQPublic tied for third place with 5 points each.

Only 3 of the photos remain unidentified:  22. Phone Booth, 37 Ceramic with Message, and 48 USA Map. @Michael will be awarded his First Place Mug and restaurant gift certificate at the site of the Phone Booth once the mug is ready, in a couple of weeks. The locations of the other two photos will be revealed in the comments below over the next week, in case anyone still wants to pursue them in the next few days. 

51. Street Art

Big news!  The successor to 16 Graffiti Face has been found. Unfortunately, that first object had been painted over, perhaps because it had been misnamed. Its successor, 51 Street Art, is more aptly named, is thus more likely to endure, and has yet to be found. Perhaps only a @Michael-class sleuth can find it, since it was @Michael who brought it to my attention. Thank you all for your interest in the Newton Photo Scavenger Hunt!

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