CORRECTION: That’s 46 BC students testing positive this week, not total. On their dashboard it also says they have 68 students in isolation and 15 who have recovered.

Unlike BU, Northeastern, and other local schools, BC is not testing all those on campus multiple times per week. Instead, they’re testing a random sample each week at a rate that means it would take all semester to test the full student body. Unlike many other schools in the area, BC decided to continue its sports programs this fall and today the Boston Globe reported 13 members of the swimming and diving teams had tested positive. Now the number of students (including those not on teams) with COVID-19 has risen to 46.

This should be a concern to us in Newton, given that many BC students live off-campus or patronize Newton Centre businesses. BC needs to get more serious, and we have to monitor whether this ends up spreading into our community.

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