| Newton MA News and Politics BlogBack in March the Newton Nomadic Theater had just opened an absolutely wonderful production of No Exit when Covid-19 came to town and the production was shuttered after just two performances, as was every other theater in the country.

In the weeks that followed the lock-down our theater did a series of on-line events (Story Slam, Poems on a Sunday Night, Love Letters, Lunatic Talent Jamboree).  Our friends at the Newton Theater Company picked up the on-line ball and ran with it since then.  They’ve produced an impressive string of on-line productions culminating in tonight’s “The Mrs” a brilliant production from local playwright Maggie Kearnan featuring Hannah Rosenberg and Linda Goetz.

Much as I’ve enjoyed many of these on-line outings it’s just not the same as live theater.

On Sat Sept 12, Sun Sept 13 the Newton Nomadic Theater will be presenting four performances of Samuel Becket’s Waiting for Godot – Covid 19 Edition featuring some of our favorite actors (Noni Lewis and Linda Goetz) and a Newton Nomadic newcomer (Tomi North) directed by Nicole Galland (Colder Than Here, The Revolutionists).

This unconventional production is an abridged, Covid-19 aware, hour long, outside version of this well known theater classic.  You’d be hard pressed to come up with a more suitable play for these very very strange times we’re living in.

The production is being presented in a way that exceeds all applicable state and local regulations and guidance on public gatherings during these odd times.  The shows will be presented outside on the grounds of Newton’s historic Durant-Kenrick House.   The actors will be mic’ed and following all Covid-19 official advisories, in fact that’s part of the show.   The audience will be safely spread across the backyard of the Durant-Kenrick House.

If you buy multiple tickets for your Covid-19 group, you will be seated together, with a wide moat between you and the next guests.  All guest will be required to wear masks when not seated at their assigned seats.

I can’t tell you how excited we and the actors are to bring the first live theater back to the Greater Boston area.  I also can’t tell you how grateful we are to the Durant-Kenrick House for helping to make this happen.

It’s been a long time coming and we think these shows are likely to sell out fast, so get your tickets today for Waiting For Godot – Covid 19 Edition.

** Special thanks to Gary Andrews for our wonderful graphic