Editor’s Note: This post is part of Village14’s ongoing series allowing 1 column from each candidate for Congress in the 4th District. – Bryan

Hi V14’ers, I’d like to share two stories that I believe highlight why I’ll represent you well in Congress. My website has more on my biography & policy positions.

The first is from winter 2013, in the woods of northern Maine. I was at SERE school, which trains Marine special operators in Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape – in other words, how to survive behind enemy lines and under enemy interrogation. After two weeks, I was famished, freezing, and bruised. In the debrief, one of the instructors sized me up. Auchincloss, he said, you talk too much. But you hold up well under a beating.

That’s when I knew I was fit for politics!

No, I kid – all I wanted at that point was a hamburger and a warm bed. But Democrats do need toughness, right now. Trumpism will not go down without a fight. It will be a brawl, all hands on deck. I’m no stranger to rough handling – as a Marine, and as a politician – and I’m ready for the heat. What’s at stake is the soul of our country.

The second story may be familiar to some of you. It was during the Northland negotiations, and I was a member of the Land Use committee. Generally, when debating large projects, city councilors find themselves ruffling feathers of either the developer or the neighborhood. I managed both!

I spearheaded an informal parking caucus that insisted on fewer parking stalls in the project. The developer didn’t like the pressure it put on them to make non-car options work. The neighbors worried about overflow parking. It was the right thing to do, though, for the environment and for transportation planning. The council found a compromise, and it’s part of the project, now.

Compromise is not the opposite of toughness. In fact, they are complementary. We must be ready to fight Trumpism tooth-and-nail, without flinching. But when the dust settles, we must also be ready to work together to rebuild this country: its institutions, its self-confidence, and its commitment to justice. I’m tough enough for the fight ahead, and I’m also ready to work together to heal from it.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Jake Auchincloss
[email protected] 

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