For Week #5 of the Newton Photo Scavenger Hunt, here are five more photos of objects in Newton that are odd or charming — and rather unique, rather permanent, and visible from public property. Can you identify them?

The first person to write in the comments below the correct (and sufficiently precise) location of the object will win one point per object identified. At the end of the summer, whoever has the most points will win a $50 gift certificate for the Newton restaurant of the winner’s choice…and a V14 commemorative mug.

After four weeks of the scavenger hunt, the current totals are: @Michael 6; 3 each for @LisaP and @Dave Brigham; 2 each for @David Wallace, @Fignewtonville, and @Adam; and 1 each for Nanci Ginty Butler, Dalek, Bob Burke, and Sean Roche. No photos from previous weeks are outstanding, so here’s Week 5:

21. Arc of Stone

22. Phone Booth

23. Ceramic Sculpture

24. Circa 1790

25. Linear Measurement

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