The Experienced Leadership Matters super PAC, reported this month raising nearly $90,000, almost half of which came from the parents of Jake Auchincloss, one of nine Democrats running for the seat being vacated by Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III, the Globe reports.

The PAC hasn’t spent any money yet but Auchincloss’ stepfather, Gregory Petsko, said “it wouldn’t be surprising” to see the super PAC help Auchincloss,

Weirdly surprising are the rest of Petesko’s comments…

….Petsko said he has “no idea” who makes that decision. “It wouldn’t be surprising, given his track record,” he said.


Petsko said he didn’t know who was running the PAC, nor could he pinpoint how he was alerted to its existence, saying he gets a “dozen, maybe two dozen e-mails a day from various PACs and candidates.”


He also couldn’t say who directly solicited his donation. “I think her name was Beth,” an apologetic Petsko said. “I’m lousy with names.”

UPDATE: The Super PAC filed paperwork Thursday to announce plans to run $180K in ads backing their son.

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