Videos do exist, but I do not have permission to post one yet. This social media post is shared with permission.

EDIT: Statement from the Mayor:

This afternoon, Tuesday, July 7, a group of people, largely students, gathered peacefully to demonstrate
their support for Black Lives Matter at the front entrance of Newton City Hall. Then, a potentially
dangerous act occurred.

A man who had been conducting business inside City Hall was leaving and he confronted the
demonstrators verbally.

The man then got into his pick-up truck and reportedly drove aggressively toward the demonstrators
(even though there was another exit available).

We are fortunate that no one was hurt.

The Newton Police Department is actively investigating this incident. Members of the Mayor’s staff
witnessed the incident and have given statements to police. This is an active investigation. If you have
information, please contact the Newton Police at 617-796-2100.

I take Newton’s core values of respect, acceptance and diversity seriously, and am deeply disturbed by
what was reported to have occurred this afternoon. People have a right to peacefully protest.

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