How well do you know your way around the dozens of unique — odd or charming — objects to be found here and there in Newton? For each of the next several weeks, we’ll show you photos of five objects in Newton that are rather unique, rather permanent, and visible from public property.

For each object:

  • The first person to write in the comments below the correct (and sufficiently precise) location of the object will win one point per object identified.
  • Separately, the first person to take a photo of the object and email it to [email protected] will win two points per object.

At the end of the summer, whoever has the most points will win a $50 gift certificate for the Newton restaurant of the winner’s choice.  

Here’s this week’s set of photos. Click on each for a closer look.

1. Mileage Marker …from 1810!

2. Until Security Returns

3. Red and Green

4. Tunnel

5. Pitcher

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