Newton Detective Kim Murray responded to my inquiry and expression of support, and approved my sharing her reply:

“Thank you so much for all of the support. I have had a tough battle at NPD but will not give up. If you could clarify that the prejudice has mostly come from ranking staff within the department and certain employees at city hall when I previously complained of the behavior. Have there been insensitive comments made by other officers? yes, but most officers that I work with are good guys who treat people fairly. I have suffered a great deal of stress but I am determined to do a good job and hopefully create some change. Since this has come out unfortunately I have discovered social media postings from officers who believe that you can’t believe BLACK LIVES MATTER & be pro-police which is very sad. Some feel that the officers who have been charged in Minnesota/Atlanta should not have been. I have to expect these same individuals to have my back??? I am concerned for my safety & expect more backlash. If it were not for the union supporting me over the years although not always successful, I appreciate them trying. Thank you for taking the time to check in and clarify. Newton residents have been good to me.”

Context: Newton Police Officer Alleges Mayor Neglected Systemic Racism in the Newton PD | Village 14

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