Two laminated signs appeared on two telephone poles on Ellis St, alongside Hemlock Gorge in Upper Falls this week.

Yes, I do realize this sounds like something I might do, and Yes i do live right up the street but No  I had no knowledge of it and have no idea who was behind it.

The neighbors (Evan & Patrice) who live right across the street,report that all week long there have indeed been quite a few people with very comical gaits walking down their hill.   I heard about the signs and went by yesterday to see for myself.  Sadly, one of the signs is now gone so it’s no longer clear where the Silly Walk Zone begins/ends – maybe that means the entire city is now a Silly Walk Zone.   Have at it!

I do hope the perpetrator replaces the missing sign.  Pedestrians with goofy walks are a welcome addition to the neighborhood in my book.

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