In a different thread, fignewtonville suggested a possible new feature for Village14 – “A weekly open post where folks could bring up issues, which a moderator could highlight in a separate post”.

I’m a bit wary about the idea but I thought it’s worth trying out.  My wariness stems from what I’ll call the “what you should do” syndrome.  Occasionally  people will contact me and say something like “you should write a post delving in to the city’s proposed budget” or “you should write a post about the proposed new zoning overhaul”.  While the suggested topics may be more than worthy of discussion, I don’t know anything about the topics and couldn’t write anything useful about them with out investing a lot of time and energy to educate myself.

My reflexive, internal, juvenile instinct is “oh yeah, well what you should do is …  write it yourself.”

But let’s give this a try, with the understanding that we’re in this together and that Village14 readers are not editors handing out unwanted writing assignments to their staff.

So feel free to suggest any under-discussed topics that you would like to start a conversation about.  The more information you can contribute yourself to help start the conversation, the better.  Better yet, if its a topic you know a fair amount about, consider writing a Guest Post instead. 

So have at it … What topic would you like to see discussed here on Villager14 ?


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