Newton-Wellesley Hospital has requested that we share this:

  • For those who may be wary of visiting a hospital during these anxious times, let us assure you: Massachusetts hospitals are open for business
  • We have the beds. We have the physicians. We have the nurses. We have the specialists. We have the resources.
  • Our healthcare system is effectively caring for our COVID-19 patients while also maintaining the capacity to treat any other patient who requires emergency medical care
  • Newton-Wellesley Hospital and all Massachusetts hospitals are taking comprehensive precautions and doing everything possible to keep our emergency departments clean and safe
  • We have also vastly increased our ability to treat patients remotely, removing the need to see patients in person unless there is an immediate need to do so
  • Direct ask of the public: if you experience chest pain and sweating, slurred speech and facial drooping, severe abdominal pain, an asthma attack, suffer an accident like a fall or a deep cut, or any other symptom that causes you concern, we urge you to seek medical attention as soon as possible
  • ØCall 9-1-1 or go to your local emergency department

    • Our doctors and nurses will be there to provide you with the highest quality medical care the Commonwealth is known for

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