This guest post submitted by Newton South senior Amy Xiao

On the morning of April 15, nearly thirty unknown hackers infiltrated a Newton South AP Chinese class. Despite the school-mandated password protection on the meeting, these individuals subjected the class to a slew of racist insults for over five minutes. They were not simply being vulgar and offensive—they specifically targeted the students and the teacher through racial slurs and loud mock-Chinese.

Unfortunately, while individuals in the class contacted the administration of this event, Newton South has yet to inform the greater school community of this hate crime. We are disappointed by Newton South’s lack of transparency; just because this type of event is happening in other school settings across the country does not mean that we cannot be outraged.

This incidence of “zoombombing” is a reflection of a larger wave of Anti-Asian sentiment surging across the globe. As evidenced by everything from the ​physical assaults against Asian individuals​ to the popularization of the term “​China Virus​,” it is no longer an option to simply gloss over racism being directed toward Asians and Asian-Americans. People within our community have been ​viciously attacked for their race ​ and it is critical that we acknowledge that.

In the likely case we cannot track down these hackers, we as a community should take this opportunity to gain a better understanding of the scope and intensity of the hate pervading our society.

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