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Newton Upper Falls neighbors and kids are having fun while staying safe by having a scavenger hunt where kids find objects but don’t touch them. The neighbors are hanging things from trees, “hiding” them among bushes , making silly things to put in their yards. There are pictures in the Tab but I couldn’t find the story on-line. Some items include a stuffed Bambi, a star shaped piñata, a large shield of the Greek Goddess Athena, dangling Mardi Gras beads, a G.I. Joe doll leaning out of a bird feeder, tennis balls nestled in branches and a bear holding an American flag.  

“Summer Zeh who started the simple, safe and fun game and maintains a google list of the objects and their locations that residents can access through the Lower Falls list serv says:”

Even though we are staying physically apart, this activity keeps us connected. This helps ground kids in an uncertain time.

Of course families with younger kids are having an easier time finding fun things to do than families who are dealing with adolescents stuck at home without their friends, which grows exponentially by the number stuck together, 

Please share what you and your family are doing to stay sane while staying safe and staying home. 

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