| Newton MA News and Politics BlogOne of the hardest parts of this whole mess is the feeling of helplessness it engenders – as we all have put our normal lives on hold until further notice.  The best antidote for helplessness is to help someone.   Here are two ways you can help – with your time and/or money.

Newton resident Jason Harburger is on the board of a Boston nonprofit, Union Capital Boston.  Says Jason  .”We are in the midst of a 3 day old effort to establish a fund to help Boston area families in need of financial assistance due to the COVID-19 emergency. So far, 2K+ people have asked to be fund recipients, and 200+ donors have contributed a total of $30K!  This fund is unique in that it will pay out 100% of donations, and the payments will be made soon (over coming days and weeks).”


If you’d like to donate your time rather than $$ and you’d like to help your neighbors here in Newton, you need to know about Newton Neighbors Helping Newton Neighbors.   You can sign up to help here.