I’m wearing a bright green sweater today even though no one other than my husband and grandson will see it! No, I am not of Irish descent, but as a resident of Newton since 1972, I feel that I should be issued a Green Card to Irish heritage by now. Dunn-Gaherin’s, Paddy’s and O’Hara’s are among my favorite eateries. (Yes, I said eateries, not drinkeries…I can’t claim to be THAT Irish, since eating has always been more important than drinking to me). I love happy times and Irish tavern atmospheres are always happy. Then there is the common guilt of my tribe and the Irish. Shared genes, perhaps, but clearly evident. 

I love St. Paddy’s Day: The corned beef and cabbage; the silly green beer (yes, I do imbibe), the laughter; saying “Erin go Bragh” and hoping it is not an insult, but a loving greeting. (What does it mean, anyway?) Oh, and did I mention that I love March 17th so much that 47 years ago I gave birth to my wonderful son on this day! Happy Birthday to him and Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all of you! 


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