In a world where the list of things we can’t do is getting longer every day (and for good reason!), let’s provide our community with a list of safe things we can do. Specifically, use the comments to describe some positive and compliant things you’ve done that others might be interested in.

Ground rules: all activities must be fully in line with current public health recommendations, government-dictated restrictions, and common sense. I do not want the comments to devolve into a debate about what’s OK and what isn’t. So, stray far to the side of caution. Include any age recommendations or safety caveats, but try to stick to inclusive and foolproof activities when possible. Stay positive. There are plenty of other threads for policy and health discussions.

I’ll start. On Saturday, the family went to the deCordova sculpture park in Lincoln, now run by The Trustees of Reservations. The museum is closed but the sculpture park is free.  Kids and adults had a great time running around, taking pictures, and observing the “do not touch” rules. Keeping social distance is perhaps easier for kids when you’re in a different town and don’t know anyone else.  That said, there were lots of people enjoying the day. I’m grateful to the Trustees for opening it up to all, for free. Note that there are no open restrooms we could find, even if that was advisable.

On Sunday, our same crew went for a walk in Lexington’s conservation lands. Lexington has a great trail network that connects open space with parks called ACROSS. On the town’s web site you can grab one of two maps. We parked at Diamond Middle School (map A-J) and took a path through the woods (5) to Chiesa Farm (8) open space. We then walked past Fiske Elementary School where the kids avoided the really nice playground, but commented somewhat unfavorably regarding the classroom layout they could see through the window. Exiting the school parking lot onto Colony Road, we walked through the quiet neighborhood to the right and returned to the farm and our car via Woodland. We passed many people doing the same kind of walk. It was truly lovely. Newton needs this kind of connected open space plan to knit us all together.

Now, it’s your turn! What’s your activity in the new reality?