Many people know that Linda Goetz is a fabulous local actor and a founder of the Newton Nomadic Theater.  What many people don’t know is that Linda is also the self described “Ed Wood of Newton”.

Over recent years she has written, directed and produced a number of short dramatic films –  including one shot in the basement of the Waban library, and another one that had a scene shot in the back shed of my house – unfortunately our shed is a perfectly passable set for a rundown 1930’s cabin in Appalachia.

Today she put the finishing touches on the latest edition to her oeuvre – “Attic” featuring Chuck Schwager.  It also includes a Hitchockesque cameo by the director herself.

So while we’re all locked in our bunkers, here is a 4 minute mysterious and creepy film by Linda Goetz – “Attic”.  




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